Schedule of Events

February 21st-22nd, 2014

(all events free and open to the public)

Friday, February 21st
Kollros Auditorium, Biology Building East
2:30-3:00PM Darwin Day Poster Competition set-up
3:00-3:45 First seminar - Kristi Montooth, "Adaptive cellular responses to a variable environment"
3:45-4:15 Intermission and poster session 1 (coffee and refreshments)
4:15-5:00 Second seminar - W. Ford Doolittle, "ENCODE and the problematics of "function""
5:00-5:30 Reception and poster session 2
Saturday February 22nd
MacBride Hall, Museum of Natural History
10:00-10:45AM First seminar - Kristi Montooth,  "Natural history, evolution, disease and the mitochondrial DNA - that other genome in your cells"
10:45-11:30 Second seminar - Bob Franciscus, "Darwin, Dogs, Domestication and Us: A framework for understanding modern human evolution"
11:30-12:15 Third seminar - W. Ford Doolittle, "The Tree? Of Life"
12:30-1:30 Darwin Day Celebration, Hageboeck Hall of Birds, Museum of Natural History 
6:00-10:00 Darwin Day Banquet with speakers, One Twenty Six, Iowa City (by special reservation only)

W. Ford Doolittle is a biochemist at Dalhousie University and a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He studies the early stages of cellular evolution, including the origins of bacterial and eukaryotic cells. 

Kristi Montooth is an Associate Professor of Biology at The University of Nebraska. Among several research topics, she studies the evolution of adaptations to changing environments and the coevolution between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes. 

Robert Franciscus is a human paleontologist who studies Middle and Later Pleistocene human evolution. His research has contributed to a better understanding of Neanderthal facial anatomy and its evolution over time in Europe and Western Asia.

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